An effective query letter is an essential first step in getting published.

Writing an effective query is difficult; knowing if a query is effective is often a matter of sending it out to agents and waiting for an answer. is the step between writing and sending: you can get the eyes of a working literary agent on your query for feedback, but more important, you can revise and resend for a second look. As writers know, it's the revising that makes the difference.


Send your query to

Include the material you want reviewed: query, or query and pages.

Pages should be the first 3-5, 750-1250 words.

Queries can be for fiction, non-fiction or memoir.

The Shark will review and let you know if she can help you.

If she can't, she'll let you know. There's no charge for the assessment.

If she can, you pay via PayPal.

When payment is received, the clock starts.

You should have your query notes back to you within two weeks.

You then revise, and resend.

The revisions are marked up and sent back to you. You revise, and resend again.

What this is NOT

This is not the place to submit queries for representation.

No queries sent here are considered for representation or referred to any agent.

This is purely a critique service.

If you have any concerns, email me at


 $100 for a query with two critiques and two revisions

$250 for a query plus first 3-5 pages, two critiques and two revisions


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